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Someone flicks through a book, reads in it and remembers one of the words. You look at the person and tell him without any detours what he is thinking of in detail. Yes, you can tell exactly the word he has in mind! You have read everything ... (Read More)
220,00 €
SOYB - The Secret of Your Birthday
„This is one of the most important mental effects in all of the magic world.“ Ted Lesley (on the 1st edition in 2004)    A spectator is chosen by other members of the audience. You give this person a horoscope book; one whic ... (Read More)
99,00 €
The Samádhi Deck
marks a historical turning point concerning Tossed Out Decks, because the deck can be spread out in full view of the spectators,  it can als be riffled through; it consists of 52 different cards.   There is no deck, which is be ... (Read More)
39,00 €